modern ingredients, nostalgic taste™

100% plant-based burgers, fries & shakes

Located in Sacramento, California, The Burger Patch™ is an all new take on classic American burgers, fries and shakes like you've never experienced before!

Serving up a 100% plant-based menu with modern ingredients that bring you back to a nostalgic taste of the fast food you grew up on.  This isn't a granola, veggie joint.  You're going to get a full flavor, protein packed meal served fast and leaving you satisfied.  You'll have to try it to believe it. Follow us on Facebook to get the latest details for our next event!

Convenient Consciousness™

For your on-the-go, do-good lifestyle.  You make enough sacrifices.

Taste doesn't have to be one of them.


Thanks to everyone who attended our Pop-Up at 1801 L in Midtown.

Stay tuned for an announcement about our permanent Sacramento location!

Where do you want a Burger Patch?

Thank you for joining us recently and helping raise money for Food Literacy Center and Sierra Donor Services!    

Follow us on Facebook to get the latest on our next event!

Check out the 3 hour line from the Burger Patch pop-up in Midtown, Sacramento on May 13th. Fans getting their first chance to taste the Patch Burger featuring the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger and other delicious 100% Plant-based items.
Local wife and husband on a mission to make fast, delicious, plant based comfort food! Phil & Danea Horn visited Good Day Sacramento today to tell us about the Burger Patch pop-up and why, as a couple, they adopted vegan eating.
Burger Patch owners Phil and Danea Horn preview their delicious plant-based burgers. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: Get more Sacramento news: Like us: Follow us: GGoogle+:
 Watch the Fox 40 Burger Patch segment

Watch the Fox 40 Burger Patch segment

 Read the Sacramento Bee's feature on The Burger Patch

Read the Sacramento Bee's feature on The Burger Patch

TV Magic!! In studio this morning things got a little crazy on Good Day Sacramento. Digital Underground's Money B & Young Hump stopped by to play and then tasted (and even rapped about) the Burger Patch's meatless burger! The plant based fast food pop-up featuring the beyond burger is Saturday May 13, 2017, raising money for Sacramento's Food Literacy Center.
 From - a Q&A with the owners of Burger Patch

From - a Q&A with the owners of Burger Patch

 Read the Sacramento Business Journal Burger Patch preview

Read the Sacramento Business Journal Burger Patch preview


We're all growing more and more conscious about what we eat. A little over a decade ago we began exploring ways to eliminate animal products from our diet without sacrificing the tastes we loved.  It was most challenging when eating out - especially on-the-go.  We made it our mission to solve this problem and provide Convenient Consciousness™.  We're proud to finally bring you the result of that journey and those 1,000's of recipes.   

While it's challenging to make sweeping changes to our lives, we believe that many small steps go a long way.  We hope that Burger Patch™ is the slightest nudge towards an eye opening experience of a new world of incredible plant-based food, one delicious burger at a time.

Whether it's 1 meal a week, 1 a month or just 1 a year, we're excited to be here when you need us most. 

Our menu has been expertly crafted to suit many tastes.  If you're used to eating meat, we think you're going to love us and we hope you feel great for giving it a try.

Your Friends,

Phillip & Danea




Are you looking to combine an entrepreneur's mentality, culinary passion and restaurant management experience to be part of something special?

Burger Patch is on a mission to deliver Convenient Consciousness. We're not your typical burger joint. Serving a 100% plant-based quick-serve menu, featuring modern ingredients, we're aiming to make it simple for us all to nudge in a more conscious direction, one nostalgic burger at a time. Based on the overwhelming success of our first 2 pop-up events producing 3 hour lines and sustained demand, it's clear the time is now for Sacramento to take a leading role in this emerging food category. 

Burger Patch is looking to hire a driven individual to be at the center of a fast-growth opportunity. Our General Manager will be with us from the beginning as we open our first location this year. The ideal candidate will have a desire to grow with us and an entrepreneur's mentality. We're looking for a partner that has the vision, creativity, work ethic and passion to lead change and inspire a team. Together, we have an opportunity to reshape the way people think about and consume the all-American meal.

If you have experience leading a successful quick-serve, high volume chain restaurant and are looking for something that has tremendous room for growth that fulfills you on a personal and professional level, we should chat! If you wake up excited to lead your team in a fast-paced environment but want more connection to the greater vision and purpose, then you might be just what we're looking for. 

We believe in a culture of yes, taking risks, moving quickly and learning together. Experimentation, challenging standards and innovating is at our core. We are focused on giving back and supporting our communities that support us.

We're searching to find just the right mix of championship coach, revenue guru, kitchen wiz, customer service savant and all around good person to create new traditions. This isn't just any restaurant management job. You will have the opportunity to contribute to decisions through the design, build-out and launch of a new restaurant. This will include a heavy say in operational execution, hiring & training and a voice in store look & feel, marketing and much more. This is just the beginning. There is an open-ended job for you here that can go as far as you want to take it as we look to grow our brand together.

If you're fired up and want to learn more, let's see how you stack up:
- 5+ years working in a fast-paced food service or restaurant environment
- 2+ years management in a fast-paced food service or restaurant environment (chain preferred)
- Exceptional interpersonal, relationship management skills
- Incredible leadership and coaching skills
- High attention to detail and cleanliness
- High integrity and ethics
- Experience driving revenue and hitting goals
- Experience managing a budget and cost of goods sold
- Experience ordering and managing food supply
- Experience hiring, training and managing staff
- Experience with a modern POS system
- Passion for plant-based food and food innovation a major plus

Burger Patch offers a very competitive compensation package including:
- Above average industry salary based on experience
- Bonus opportunity based on store performance

Want to apply or learn more?  Fill out the form below:

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