Consciously sourcing organic produce & non-GMO ingredients when available.

For detailed nutrition estimates click on each item below.

Ingredients and nutrition subject to change. Inquire within for additional information.

Proudly serving custom-crafted local buns from Truckee Sourdough Company and Pushkin’s Bakery


NO: Meat, Dairy or Animal Products. EVER.

WHEAT/GLUTEN: Original Buns, Chick’n Tenders (Breading), Hickory Smoked Strips, Chocolate Chip Cookies. Gluten Free buns are available. We are not a Gluten Free facility. All menu items and ingredients may come in contact or share equipment with items containing wheat/gluten.

SOY: All Patch Sauces (House, BBQ & Ranch), Earth Quake Shake (Chocolate & Vanilla Bean) / Pulled Patch Seasonal

NUTS: Earth Quake Shake (Cashew & Almond Milk), Chocolate Chip Cookies (Almond Milk), Cheese Sauce (Cashew)

Menu items and ingredients may change at any time. For the most up-to-date nutritional information and for any additional questions, please connect with us here or in our store. Best to always ask if you are unsure about an ingredient!