Burger Patch offers you a convenient and conscious fast food alternative that is kinder to your body, animals and our environment for that occasional indulgence of nostalgic bliss that we all crave. Our ingredients are 100% plant-based, dairy free, harm-free and filled with a majority of organic and non-GMO goodness. While it’s tempting, you probably shouldn’t go and swap out all of your whole fruits & veggies for burgers and fries just yet. But when the cravings come, join us for a guilt-free meal that will satisfy your taste, hunger and soul. Highlights below.

For specific nutrition information on each item, please visit our MENU page and select your desired item for details.

*Organic Produce sourced when available

*We are not a Gluten-Free facility, but offer Gluten-Sensitive options and substitutions on most menu items - some with a small charge. Please inquire within for any questions regarding gluten sensitivities. We will work to accommodate most requests within our control. Not recommended for those with severe gluten allergies as we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination with gluten within our restaurant.

*Sugar, Carbs, Saturated Fat, Calories and Sodium compared to average across several major fast food chain combo meals of standard Cheese Burger, Fries and Chocolate Shake.

*Protein calculation includes Burger Patch meal of Patch Burger, Shovel of Spuds and Chocolate Shake.

*All statistics are close approximations of ingredient calculations. May not be exact. Portion sizes and ingredients subject to change. Inquire within for further questions. Consult your physician for any dietary restrictions and questions.