We're all growing more and more conscious about what we eat. A little over a decade ago we began exploring ways to eliminate animal products from our diet without sacrificing the tastes we loved.  It was most challenging when eating out - especially on-the-go.  We made it our mission to solve this problem and provide Convenient Consciousness™.  We're proud to finally bring you the result of that journey..   

While it's challenging to make sweeping changes to our lives, we believe that many small steps go a long way.  We hope that Burger Patch™ is the slightest nudge towards an eye opening experience of a new world of incredible plant-based food, one delicious burger at a time.

Whether it's one meal a week, one a month or just one a year, we're excited to be here when you need us most. 

Our menu has been expertly crafted to suit many tastes.  If you're used to eating meat, we think you're going to love us and we hope you feel great for giving it a try. If you're vegetarian or vegan, then get excited because you can eat everything on our menu.  Gluten-free?  We have plenty of options for you. Stop on by, get to know us and try it all!

Your Friends,

Phillip & Danea